Space is an important concept in lighting design. The right light for the right space is part of application research. We continously explore how our application spaces are going to look and feel in the future.

People, Plants, Animals

People, Plants and Animals perceive light differently. We continously research how lighting should be optimized in order to positively impact life.


Light is visible radiation and influences us visually, emotionally and biologically. For Humans we help people better fall asleep and wake-up with circadian lighting. For Tissue culture applications we help growers to grow faster. For Broiler and Layer applications we help farmers to enhance animal wellbeing as well as farming outcomes.

Lighting Products, Lighting Solutions and Lighting as a Service

An intergrated range to serve your needs.
Connected through AWS Cloud or Alibaba Cloud. Real-time feedback and insights.

Technology to serve you

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Illuminated lives

Our team

Banly Cheung

Banly Cheung started LuxBalance Lighting and drives strategy, sales and technology. He is a lighting enthusiast and visionary. ​ In 1984 Banly Cheung co-founded NCW Holdings LTD (known as BOTEX) and grew it into a world-leading company in entertainment lighting. The company was acquired by Royal Philips N.V. in 2010 and Mr. Cheung became Chief Technology Officer at Philips Entertainment Lighting in Asia.

Jille Kuipers

Jille Kuipers leads research and market-driven innovation at LuxBalance Lighting. He is focused on creating value with light.
​ Prior to this he worked as innovation manager in a corporate research lab. He developed an Asia human centric lighting program and collaborated with clients in industry and hospitality. He also managed pricing for an Asia-Pacific business unit.

Jupiter Lee

Jupiter Lee is an essential part of the team, and has been with LuxBalance Lighting Limited since the very beginning.

She is responsible for sales administration and HR. Prior to this she worked in NCW (Holdings) Ltd. for over 10 years and two Component companies for over 7 years.

About LuxBalance Lighting

Bringing Light to Life.
• Helping people to sleep well and wake-up feeling rested.
• Helping growers to grow smarter, faster and more sustainable.
• Helping farmers to enhance animal wellbeing and farming outcomes.
• Empowering creativity with architectural lighting solutions.

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